Saturday, March 10, 2007

Back and blogging

Not likely to be a long post, due to things to plan for tomorrow. Maybe when planning is finished I'll write some more.

Thanks for sticking with me over the past few ropey days! When I blogged last night I felt rather like i was at the end of my resources so didn't really say that much. It was a tough day with little man being potentially very ill and perhaps needing an I.V. drip, but all that worked out in the end. It was made all the more tiring by spending lots of time in the car, taking little man and lovely wife to hospital, getting back to pick up gorgeous girl (daughter) from primary school, getting stuff to a local shop for the end of fairtrade fortnight, which my wife was involved in organising for the village, getting daughter sorted out and looked after by friends a couple of villages away, getting back to hospital, and then having to make sure everything was in order for the Marriage Prep day today before getting food sorted and kids to bed etc etc. It was a long day at the end of a long week.

Today saw a return to form for little man, he's very lively again - it is amazing how quickly kids bounce back. The complications of getting kids to various things were sorted amazingly by gorgeous wife today, along with her helping at the fairtrade day. The Marriage day went very well, and I think I even managed to make sense for it, then on returning home I found some friends had arrived who I was very pleased to see and though they had to leave quite quickly after I got back, it was good to see them and have a quick chinwag with my partner in crime over at the pointless drivel podcast... (more on that another time).

Now am putting together stuff for services tomorrow, have sorted hymn sheet for family service and am thinking about a talk for the early service, and an all age friendly talk for the mid morning service. hence my now speedy exit with perhaps a thought later...

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Clan Schmitt said...

Hi, I left a message on your march 3rd, sermon. Good post