Saturday, March 17, 2007

Having a good weekend?

I don't know what you have planned for your weekend (rather an obvious statement, as most people who read this blog are half a world away) but I hope it's a good 'un.

This is one of those weekends where being a minister really cuts into family time. In the UK it is Mothering Sunday (not Mother's Day, that's a card company invention...but i may well post from the vantage point of my high horse on that later) and I would really quite like to make a fuss of my lovely wife who does so much to keep our family together whilst i am running round like a blue-bottomed buzzy insect thingy. We both take as much of a share as possible in looking after our children, and I make sure that whenever possible I am around between 5-7pm to cook and/or feed and/or bathe and/or read stories at bedtime with Jack and Katherine. I also try to do my bit with housework etc because I am quite certain it's not a wife/mum's lot in life to be a housekeeper! (More often than we all contribute to the mess until one of us gives in and has a frantic clearup). Anyway, I like the idea of having a day where mum gets pampered just for being mum!

Unfortunately my Sunday starts at Church when i leave the house just after 8am when the kids are usually in the throes of breakfasting, then i go onto my next service usually with only a short (grab a coffee) moment between. I get back at between 12-15 and 1pm from the morning service and for a special Sunday such as this am off again for a service at 3pm.

This doesn't actually give much opportunity for pampering my gorgeous wife!

Perhaps I should shift Mothering Sunday to a friday in a kind of 'moveable feast' manner.

Actually, I did - albeit subconsiously. I did send lovely wife off yesterday with a friend to the 'country living' Spring fair in London - something definitely 'all for her'! handsome son and i went and looked at 'planes and 'bikes at a place called 'The Shuttleworth Collection' - a bit of manly bonding for the day! I now have to convince Jo in retrospect that this was a very well thought out treat in lieu of Mothering Sunday!

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