Friday, March 02, 2007

Day off

Terri said
I didn't know preachers had days off

Well obviously I can't stop being holy and beatific for the day, but i can hang up the halo for a few hours and stop glowing in the dark for a while

Tho' that second bit may be more due to swimming in the sea near sizewell 'b' nuclear station, plus a couple of trips (in Wales and Northern England) on nuclear power station tours (what can i say, I'm a weird kind of tourist, or a weird kind of anything come to that)

Oh, and being off means i can do even more meaningless blog postings than usual


Dr.John said...

What do you mean day off I heard that preachers only work on Sunday.

Jem said...

Ah the joys and hazards of visiting nuclear power stations: it brings it all back!!!!!!