Friday, March 30, 2007

Friday Feelings

As regular visitors will know, Friday is normally the day I blog least, as it is my day off. Well, I seem to have given up time off for Lent (don't worry, I have been making time for family and getting some rest, it just hasn't been a whole day off for a few weeks). So here I am having spent the day in schools (both schools had 'end of term services' today) or in the car or visiting or -as I am doing now - preparing for Palm Sunday and Holy Week.

My greatest disappointment this year with all of our palm Sunday services is that there are no Donkeys! Usually we have little processions in our villages with slightly temperamental beast of burden to add a little excitement, colour and odour to the proceedings. these days there are fewer people, even in the countryside, who own animals and those who do are not willing to take the risk of having them take part in a public event, mainly because our society is getting more litigious and insurance for such events has skyrocketed!

So the joy of a 'nanny state' and a blame culture combining to put the dampers on what has been a longstanding and fun arrangement.

Bovvered? Oh yes I am. This isn't a rant about any particular political party, though, just against a mindset that is always seeking to make life 'super-safe' and a society that is too willing to spread blame and seek recompense therefore making everyone paranoid and insular.

I will stop now before i really get carried away with this post.


quilly said...

Alastair, when I was a kid, my school was built on the edge of a cliff. There was no fence. There were no picketing parents. We were told, "stay away," and any kid that did otherwise and got hurt, was blamed for his/her own stupidity. That school still stands, but they have filled in the gully and fenced the school. sigh today's kids just don't know all the fun they're missing.

Brian said...

Al, The good thing about giving stuff up for Lent is that you are allowed to actually do it on Sunday. As this is the Lord's Day, to be miserable and abstimeous (sic) on that day was/is deemed too unworthy. So the good news for you is that having given up your time off for Lent, you are allowed to indulge in it on Sunday, your only working day!?!?!? It's a Double Whammy of Good News, and you can thank me (and Wikipedia) for bringing you this orthodox insight. Generous or what?

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