Friday, March 23, 2007

Different strokes, and all that

Quilly and Dr John's response to my last post made me think about the things we find funny or not and why.

The reason I loved it (and have watched it about a dozen times) is that I have a voice thing. I love the human voice in all its versatility, timbres, resonances, squeaks, noises. I have quite a powerful and versatile voice - for as long as I can remember I've been doing stuff with voice - including a degree in Drama. Sometimes when I read stories to my daughter I get so carried away that she tells me to 'stop doing the voices daddy' so she can get on with listening to the story (she obviously doesn't appreciate my talents!) Along with this I love dialects, and have a pretty good ear for them and being someone without a strong accent of any kind other than a pretty standard brit accent I'm intrigued by both the Devonshire burr of my home county and all the other many and various accents that people have.

So when someone comes along who can do a very good beatbox and puts it together in a funny way, I'm in seventh heaven.

thanks for the comments folks.


quilly said...

I do voices when I read, but not to extremes. My love is for words. John 1:1 -- I think when the Bible says we were made in the image of God, it means we were given words, and with them, the power to create and destroy.

When I speak to create good, I am closest to God.

Tom said...

The video was good, the explanation of why you liked the video was better.

Why other people find stuff interesting is interesting to me. If that convoluted sentence makes sense.

acwo said...

I like your blog very much
keep it up!

Marion said...

I enjoyed the video, this man is obviously very talented. That talent is what drew me in!

Thanks for posting it, Alastair!