Saturday, March 10, 2007

This week's sermon - Lent 3

Trying again to use my new system of keeping longer posts off of this blog I thought I would post a taster of this week's thought and leave you to decide if you want to follow the link and see the rest! I have to say that p'raps I should have done it with a better sermon... but don't let that put you off. Let me know what you think of a) the sermon and b) the split posting!

Lent 3 (2007) Year C RCL Principal


It doesn’t stop with being saved!

People have some pretty strange ideas about what it means to be a Christian… Quite often I hear the words ‘well, I don’t go to Church, but I try to be a good person’. Or ‘I’m a Christian, I’m interested in spiritual things’.

I’ve said it before, but trying to be good, or even coming to Church or reading the Bible doesn’t actually make a person a Christian – any more than sleeping in a garage makes you a car. There is something more to the way we live, the way we are, when we are followers of Jesus Christ. (more)

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Tom said...

I thought I left a comment on this earlier in the week, but I guess it got dropped.

What I think I said was that the sermon was a necessary reminder as it's too easy to rationalize a secular lifestyle as a good lifestyle when the Bible says that nothing is good save God Himself.

Also, I like the split post because it keeps the front page cleaner.

Good post.