Sunday, March 04, 2007

It's OK, we've got both ends covered

Got up this morning to discover that our little two year old man had been sick in the night, so having run a bath for him and got wifely person to sort him out I found myself turning up very last minute to Church at 8.30am (though the service started on time, which i am very pleased with). Between services I found he had been sick again whilst i was out and that stuff was coming out the other way too (hence the title of the post). Remarkably he wasn't complaining, though was obviously not at his best, and though he was sick on and off all day and unable to keep food down he seems to have got through the day well. I looked after him for a couple of hours this afternoon whilst Jo and Katherine (baby girl) went out for a walk with the dogs and generally splashed about and got messy in the soggy Cambridgeshire Countryside.

The two Church services I took part in today went very well, considering that at the start of both my mind was elsewhere! there was a real sense of the Spirit of God at work. Now this is not a phrase I use lightly or frequently, nor do i claim any credit, but there was an atmosphere of warmth and fellowship over and above our usual 'friendly church' vibe, and a number of people commented on it. Hooray!

Now am planning to wind down, watch this new series called 'heroes' which i've taped off the box over the past couple of weeks, and hopefully get to talk to my wife without the sound of toddler vomiting every few minutes. who knew kids could hold so much stuff even when they've not eaten!!!!!


Dr.John said...

My kids always got sick or hurt on Saturday and Sunday. I fogure it was because there was no Doctor easly available and to make it hard for me at the service. Then again it could just havew been they picked up a bug at school.

The Old Fart said...

Sorry to read that your son is sick. I hope he will be better soon. It isn't very nice to be sick and it seems to be more horrible when one is young. I will say a prayer for young Jack.

moog said...

I just started watching heroes at the weekend. Mildly better than average, but some of the genetic nonsense was really grating. Not as good as 24 which has now gone from my screen thanks to the virgin bskyb wrangle

Shelly said...

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Jem said...

Sorry to hear Jack's not well; hope he is feeling better soon.