Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The Old Chestnut

Thinking about Kurt's comment again, and the responses (much appreciated) from Deb, Quilly (despite the misspelling ;-) ), Dr John and Tom I am revisiting this whole 'why do i blog' question. I've said before that (if I'm honest) there's an ego part of it that makes me think 'waheey, people are reading what I wrote', and there's simple self-expression - all the more enjoyable if people read and comment.

On deeper reflection, though, it ties in with my previous mention of 'integrity' or perhaps more accurately 'integration'. One of the things i really value on this blog is being able to think out loud, and to explore stuff via this nice shiny screen which otherwise might bounce about my head and get nowhere. It does mean that pretty much everything is a work in progress, and makes me think of that rather twee fridge magnet 'be patient, God isn't finished with me yet'. But it's enjoyable, and I really do appreciate the feedback i get.

Another pleasant surprise has been the feeling of community and friendship which has come about with blogging. I love going to the blogs in my link, and was well chuffed to be referred to on Jeff's blog as 'my Anglican pal'... I know there's a certain artificial sense to the contacts we make on line and all of us, to a certain degree, put on a certain character for our blogs, but I do value the opinions of those who visit here and whose blogs I visit. All of the blogs on my sidebar are there because i like to read them, some make me think very seriously, some make me laugh, some i agree with, some not so much - but I do enjoy the sense of connection to them. I used to be pretty snarky about those who claimed they were part of an online community, and though I recognise the limitations of internet contact, I quite like being part of what feels like a friendly online neigbourhood. So take a mo, look around, and enjoy the visit. Go and see some of my friends too.

As well as the links above honourable mentions should go to Jenny, Annie, Moog, Genesis, Old Fart, Dave Walker, Nick Page, Ken Howard and Jem (who doesn't blog that much, but is a great bloke and an old friend in the real world as well as the e-world). All worth visiting, some real people that i know, others entirely e-constructs whose external reality it is very worthwhile engaging with...

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quilly said...

Alastair --

For some of us, our online communities have become more than just online. I have someone I've spoken to regularly over the past ten years, whom I have never met. She knows me better than my sisters do.

I have traded phone calls and moral support with many others. I even went so far as to fall in love, and am in the process of changing my life plans -- and location -- to better explore this relationship in real-life, because phone calls and email are frustrating, and plane tickets cost too much.

Some could argue that online relationships are less superficial, because we are more anonymous, thus more free to be ourselves.