Friday, March 09, 2007

a word of explanation

Apart from busy-ness i have had good and bad reasons for not blogging over the past few days...

Good reason -- my birthday on Weds meant that the evening which i might have used to blog in, was used in a nice meal out with wife and a couple of friends. Thanks Jem for birthday wishes

Bad reasons - very very busy, lots going on, foremost of which has been ongoing poorly-ness of my beautiful baby man - his bug meant that he got quite dehydrated, which meant that we have had to go to the Doctor a few times and actually ended up spending much of today in the local hospital. Fortunately he's not 'clinically dehydrated' and it looks like the bug is on the way out, so they let him come home tonight and we are just giving him lots and lots and lots to drink.

Thanks for the good wishes. Sorry I've not been blogging, and sorry to the folks i normally visit regularly on the blog scene who i've neglected. Am now almost keeling over on the keyboard due to fatigue so will try and write more soon. See you!

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Dr.John said...

When my kids were little we were thirty miles from thr nearest doctor and they always got sick on the week end.