Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Been meaning to blog

Very busy couple of days has left me with little time to think on blogging, but cos the stuff from the last couple of days has been very good I thought I would leave you to muse on that. By which I particularly mean the youtube video (by the way the others in the series are nothing like as good, but this one offers a bit of something to chew on which I will probably have something to say more on later)

Anyway, I was interested to read in yesterday's Guardian (one of the main national daily's here in the UK) that blogging is apparently on the wane. Apart from one missed day, i think that's a bit of a harsh judgement on me. I never realised i was so influential in the opinions of a nation.


quilly said...

The hits on my blog have gone down from about 200 per day to 150 or so. The comments are way down, too. I am starting to think no one likes me any more.

Dr.John said...

I think on the wane is a bit too strong. It is changing with more and more video.