Saturday, August 12, 2006

Avoiding difficult subjects

I was reflecting on just why i have not felt a great pull to blog on the situation in the Lebanon or on the scare over the plot to blow up planes mid-flight over this past couple of weeks and have focussed on the relatively trivial events in my life...

It's not that i don't care, just that i have nothing to say. Or rather that there is nothing that i could post on this blog which would make any difference - or at least that's how i feel. I am happy to warble on about my motorbike, things going on around me, good music, even theology, but with regards to the scary and horrific events going on in our world i feel that distressing and unjust and downright evil as they may be my noodling on about them isn't going to help. For some appropriate response from the c of e look here and follow this link for some thinking from Richard Wells over at Connexions. I leave it to better informed folk to start your thinking process going and guide your prayers.

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Jem said...

Mmm, I've felt unable to say much, though having seeing you at least articulate something about your silence I felt provoked and have just posted something since I've been thinking about it so much.