Tuesday, August 08, 2006


Had a great evening yesterday celebrating our 13th Anniversary of Marital Bliss.... Found a great venue in Cambridge which we've known of for about 12 years but never been to! It's called the Bun Shop, and is a pub come tapas bar come restaurant etc etc. Also on various Monday Nights it hosts and acoustic night set up by the Acoustic Routes group who meet regularly at a little place called CB2.

So, good grub, good company (the lovely Jo) and good music, what a great evening. There were two artists, one was Bernard Hoskin a founder of acoustic routes who has a great voice and plays guitar very nicely indeed as well as being an excellent singer-songwriter and the other was a guitarist who rightly deserves the title 'virtuoso' called Michael Berk - I can't describe his style except to say he was amazing - bits of folk, blues, Jazz, celtic, flamenco all wrapped up with some incredible and firework-filled playing. I've not been so impressed since I saw Steve Vai with the Dave Lee Roth band backin the early 90s... Different style but similar levels of music creativity and brilliance. Michael, who was also nice enough to chat with a few of us open-jawed yokels afterwards, has a myspace site with some of his music available to listen to and it really is very good, though live he adds a whole new dimension to it anyway.

Jo liked it too - after 13 years plus of putting up with my acoustic noisemaking this must have been an overwhelmingly pleasant surprise!

Also got to ride my BMW for the first time since returning from holiday, which was very very enjoyable too... Though that had to wait until this morning as I ended up being far too busy yesterday.

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