Saturday, August 26, 2006

You can tell i have a slack half hour

Three posts in a row, my mind is racing (must be all the caffeine I've consumed this morning) so I'm filling in the time with a few posts - perhaps trying to compensate from not being in the 'creative atmosphere' of greenbelt by being a bit creative on my own.

Anyway, every now and then I put something in my blog about what books I'm reading and then usually forget to mention what i thought, so here (with some help from Amazon) are a few i've read and what i thought about them

I love Dave Gorman's books, style and general attitude, and the Googlewhack adventure is his best so far - there's a certain lunacy inherent in his inability to resist a challenge and the way he sets himself seemingly meaningless tasks which become imbued with a desperation the reader is drawn into as the book carries on. I really enjoyed reading this book, and one is kept wondering right up until the end whether he actually ends up achieving his goal - by which time you're not actually bothered, because the journey has actually been so rewarding.

Read this on my recent holiday and between howls of pain at how accurate Wheen's observations are and laughter (though it's not as funny as the Paxman quote on the cover suggests) there was plenty in this book to get the old mental juices flowing. It's well written, engaging and challenging, not an easy book to read by any stretch of the imagination, but well worth getting through.

Last one for this post - will try to learn to put links into the sidebar or something so you can follow up some of the things i waffle on about. I enjoyed this book on holiday too - some very thoughtful observations of life generally - it didn't start with such an obvious premise as 'McCarthy's Bar' (ie finding pretty much any bar which shared a name with the author, something that would see me going very thirsty even in Ireland where the only thing I have seen with the name McCollum is a Newsagents in Armagh) but as a combination of travalogue and reflections on the world in general it was a good read. Gives some idea of the less savoury side of British history and the strange accidents that make nations what they are.

That's it, then. Enjoy. There's loads of books that I've read lately that i would love to tell everyone about, and i have had the great joy of reviewing some books lately which have been very good - but that may all have to wait until another time.

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