Wednesday, August 02, 2006

A few thoughts

Its late again, so i am not going to be here long. Just a thought to keep the blogging up. Have been trawling the blogsphere looking through all the links i have attached here, plus added Curb Your Dogma by Ken Howard - Ken is an Episcopalian Priest in the suburbs of Washington DC who stayed in our house with his wife and daughter whilst we were away, and came to supper after we returned whilst he enjoyed a few days of study in Cambridge!

Anyway, my thoughts, I am amazed by how much good stuff is out there in the blog world - lots of dross too, but i am still quite pleased I have included the links I have and don't feel I want to drop any - do try them out, some of them are updated more than others, some I agree with more than others (try and decide which!) but all in all there is plenty of good thinking being expressed in these parts of the blog world. Its fun too to look at the UK Godblogs and to take a random trip around the blogging episcopalians from the links in the sidebar too!

Nighty night

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