Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Speaking online

In response to a couple of requests, here again is the chance to hear some of the sermons on the creed of which i was one last term at Emmanuel College, Cambridge.

Been thinking a bit why i don't really feel any attraction to Greenbelt this year, and i think it is because, yet again, there is no serious attempt to engage with basic Christian Theology - I am not one to be bound by doctrine and dogma, preferring faith in Jesus Christ! But I do believe that to know who we are as Christians we need to know where we come from, and going back to what the Church has proclaimed for generations is a good start...

The Faith and Theology Blog is undertaking this, a series called Theology for Beginners - worth looking out for. And the sermons from Emmanuel are here.

Incidentally, perhaps my concern about emergent stuff is to do with a lack of accountability to the historic formularies of the Church. As well as structures of accountability which are built in (or should be) to more mainstream Churches. As you might be able to tell from these snippets, this is something which is really starting to get my mental processes going... Perhaps I will get around to thinking about this with some structure in the coming months...

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