Tuesday, August 15, 2006

being [emergent]

Don't get me wrong, i think the emergent church movement (or 'fresh expessions' in the C of E version of trying to put an instututional stamp on the same thing) is a good thing on the whole - I have concerns about authority and accountability but that will have to wait til i get the idea for my Ph.D thesis sorted!...

It does seem, though, after a trawl through a few emergent blogs that what i really need to do is start putting square brackets around things if i really want to be emergent... so what do you reckon to [new kid on on the blog] or to give it a really edgy theme [newkidontheblog]

cool, eh?


moog said...

Surely you need a numerical addition to your name

maybe [n3wkidontheblog]

or I sometimes see this use of capitalisation


are you going to greenbelt this year?

Alastair said...

thanks for advice [MoOg] - oh yes it works...

Am not off to GB this year, for the first time in 20 years!!!! Not sure why, I just didn't feel terribly attracted to it, am not doing anything there as i have done for the past few years (which isn't a great problem, just took some of the compulsion out) and kids do get toooooo tired - they are just a bit small to regulate their own sleeping patterns when there are so many hours of daylight and there's so much sound around