Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Back from Greenbelt?

Anyone back from GB06? What did you do? What was the best bit of the festival for you? What did you think of the new mainstage? Anything that really stood out? Anyone go to any of the literature stream stuff? Let me know, please, I not terribly dismayed that I didn't go - it's been a good bank holiday weekend - but I would love to hear your experiences...


moog said...


Just got back last night, enjoyed my time and will blog my thoughts over the coming days. I went to the Christopher Booker talks after being recommended to by my friend helen. Didn't get to any other literature stream things, though she did.

I didn't go to the main stage nearly as often as previous greenbelts, really only for Nizlopi and My Morning Jacket. I don't really think this was due to it's new location but rather the poor line-up at this year's festival.

The Taize worship on sat eve was my highlight

Jem said...

Enjoyed new mainstage; sound quality was superb -- sight lines, and environment were excellent. Thought Spearhead were superb, and very much enjoyed Ukele Orchestra of GB, was inspired by the Palestinian singer and was warmed slightly cheeful and engaging 'King Cresote'. Also caught Candi Staton there and a little of 'My Morning Jacket'.

The Literature strand looked excellent, only got to one session though which was quite ok. Would have liked to have heard Andrew Motion, time didn't allow. Found Jim Wallis useful and reflective, it was a pity Walter Wink had to cancel -- hope he's ok.

So a thoroughly enjoyable and relaxing weekend. So far the only thing I've heard of that was 'controversial' was the Ikon service, and even that not particularly.

The site management was the best yet, and the morning communion went very smoothly.

Annie Porthouse said...

so sorry you couldn't come!
it was fab, as always.
was v busy with the 'generous' stuff, but still had cool time.
lots more comment on my blog... not enuf room in this comment box!