Monday, August 28, 2006

Taking risks with links

Decided to add the Amazon World Cinema DVD link to my sidebar because I think my way of thinking and many things in my life have been enriched by catching a glimpse of the way the world is portrayed through movies. This might mean that some of the links don't meet with the approval of those who visit here, movies that perhaps might concern some Christian folk, but I am going to keep the link anyway because even watching movies that disturb (see Jem's review of Crash, I was the one who called it harrowing when we watched it together) can make us think again about how we make the message of Jesus Christ relevant to a very dark world.

Some of the world cinema movies I've watched have been fun too - see Luc Besson's 'Taxi' movies or 'Les Vacanced de M Hulot' or 'Amelie', some of them are masterful examples of the celluloid arts for instance the 'Three Colours Trilogy'. All in all I think seeing stuff outside our usual narrow frame of reference is a good thing. But I am happy to be corrected on that it someone has a good reason. I have been a bit short of comments lately, so please feel free to respond.

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