Sunday, August 06, 2006

Not mentioned the bike for a while

My lovely k1100lt, as mentioned in previous posts, has been out of the news lately - this is mainly because I've not ridden it since going away on holiday at the start of July. I have had lots of fun on it and it is a great bike to ride, very comfortable with a fair turn of speed when needed!

Unfortunately it has developed an unhealthy tendency to fall over! I should stress that this has not been when i have been riding it... and it has only had two falls, but there is some minor cosmetic damage to my baby which has caused me great heartache!

The first time was when trying to reverse it out of my garage - which (with the usual sensible planning of a diocese which doesn't actually want the expense of creating a garage so just puts gates on a lean-to) has a gravel floor - my foot lost its grip and the bike was slowly and quite gently lowered to the floor. Very little damage done there. The second time was more spectacular and i missed it! In the heat of the 1st of July the bike was propped on its centre stand in the driveway when the (c of e budget) tarmac under it gave way and the whole thing fell onto my mother in law's car - and bounced off again! No real damage to the car i am glad to say, but the fairing and wing mirror on the side it fell is somewhat battered now! Deep sadness. I plan to ride it tomorrow, which happens to be my 13th Wedding anniversary - so will only get a short go on it between a holiday club for local kids in the morning and a funeral in the afternoon. Or perhaps after the funeral and before Jo and I go out for a meal in the evening....

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Jem said...

Hope the two of you enjoyed your evening anniversary celebrations and that the bike ride was fun too.