Saturday, August 19, 2006


Spent midnight til 1am this morning/last night in the prayer room at our 24/7 event here in our village and found myself profoundly affected by the amount of prayer which is going on. For a small community (about 1200 in this village) we are managing to maintain 49 hours of continuous prayer in our little village hall. Not quite 24/7 - more like 49/2 but an encouraging start.

Those who had put the space together did a great job of creating an ambience and pulling together lots of resources to aid prayer and have given plenty of (metaphorical and physical) space for folk to explore praying - my hour passed swiftly as i spent the time chatting away to God! Tried to do some listening too, which is much harder.

Came away from that time feeling energised and excited about the praying people in our Church fellowship and the possibilities that come from praying together about our life of faith in community. Realise i don't mention prayer much in this blog, but wouldn't want anyone to think that i don't believe it to be of the utmost importance in our walk with Christ.

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moog said...

sounds like a good event, the one's I have been involved in have been an inspiration. i find that praying in the small hours a really special time.

any pics of the prayer room?