Tuesday, August 15, 2006

On a completely different theme

Saturday saw me having a really enjoyable ride down to Reading (about 100 miles) to see some old friends, in fact I'd not seen them since 2000 when we all went to the Great British Beer Festival together (I still have some very unflattering pictures of myself from that event, not because i was in a drunken stupor but because i had a very dodgy haircut!)

Not only was the ride lots of fun but a few hours in a garden celebrating a 30th birthday was a great way to reaquaint myself a little with them, and to bolster my resolve to see them again. One of them is in the process of exploring his vocation to ordained ministry in the C of E, which might mean he ends up within visiting distance if they come to the Cambridge Theological Federation for training - which would be fun.

They also have a delightful daughter who I'd not met before, which made me realise just how much can change in six years! When we were last all together Jo and i were childless too! Now most of our days, indeed much of our lives, are worked out around the kids...

It's so much fun visiting friends, should do it more!

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