Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Can't cope with endings

For those of you who think the title of this post contains hints of deep stuff, i will let you know very early on that it doesn't....

As i have been reading a variety of novels lately (i tend to read a couple a week) I have come to the conclusion that i really don't like the way most of them end. For instance, take Mil Millington's 'Things my girlfriend and I have argued about'. It's very funny, almost to the point of being smug at times where you feel the author has a style which says 'yes I'm funny, I know I'm funny and I am going to put lines in that show how funny I am and make the plot revolve around them'. Anyway, despite that it's a good read, until the end - or at least i didn't like it. My wife thought the ending was good, and was happy to live without a resolution, but i wanted a hint as to what happened next... I prefer happy endings anyway.

As i reflected upon this i realise that a lot of novels i've read lately have left me unsatisfied in the endings department. I wonder whether it is because i have enjoyed the writing and not wanted the thing to end, whether it has just been badly finished and some authors run out of steam when it comes to the closing chapters, or whether i have some kind of pathological aversion to endings in general. (oops, said there wouldn't be anything deep in here, sorry about that, slipped up for a mo).

Anyway, gave me some food for thought, maybe i will reflect upon it some more.

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