Wednesday, August 16, 2006

emergent does upset people, doesn't it!

Following on from my last flippant post, I am interested just how much the whole emergent movement has terrrified the Conservative Evangelical Church in the USA, i read an entry on emergentNO blog (you can work out the address for yourself, i can't be faffed to link it) which expresses terror at one particular evangelical poster-child (now ex e.p-c) who mentions an interest in contemplative spirituality!!!! (The person in question so obviously in need of saving is Max Lucado, evangelical writer and speaker).

No matter that Christians have embraced contemplative spirituality as part of the rich tapestry of a life of prayer and devotion for two thousand years, no matter that the shape of the Church most of these groups hold so dear is post-Victorian, or post Evangelical reformation, and bears very little relation to the shape of the fellowships of those who actually knew Christ! No, what's really important is that the only authentic expression of Christian faith is that which mirrors their own understanding and doctrine! It's a good job that Jesus taught such clear and definable doctrine and had all his dogmatic presuppositions spelled out so clearly, isn't it?

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