Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Can't think of anything to say

Heading says it all really.

But this is not just with regards to putting a post up, but concerning a funeral talk i have to prepare for tomorrow. It has been quite a wait (nearly two weeks) but we have the funeral of the lad killed in a road incident tomorrow and having spent the morning putting the shape of the service together i am now trying to get some thoughts together. It isn't often i suffer from writers/speakers block on such an occasion but today the thoughts aren't flowing. It's not that i have nothing to say, but almost that i have too much...

Will have some breakfast (not got around to that yet) then go and visit the family, perhaps that will help.

Is it just me or does the word 'siezing' not look quite right in my post heading a couple of days ago? Seizing doesn't look right either, but my spell check tells me this is correct. Perhaps i should have checked before posting! Can't be bothered to change it, to be honest.

Comment, if you like...

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Anonymous said...

Hi Alistair, tried to post comment earlier today but it won't let me. Hope you got your sermon sorted, must be very hard. Hopefully family had some contributions to make that will enable you to say just the right thing. Nothing worse than a funeral sermon where the person giving it has obviously never met the person who died or their family, and the congregation does not recognise the description of the person they are saying goodbye to, I think.
Thanks for your blog. I read it every day, but cannot always respond.
Louise UK
Ps 'seized' is right, as you already know.