Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Needing a good clear up

One of the positive things about having our small youth bible study group meet in my study is that I need to get down to clearing up my paperwork, sheet music, guitars and general bumpf at least once every two weeks. I would also like to air the room out a bit but it is too cold to do that and the heating here isn't the most efficient or useful - need to retain every bit of warmth i possibly can.

The temptation is to take that form of clearing up called 'Zen Pilemaking' - which involves creating a sense of serenity by ignoring everything that needs sorting and just making piles of papers around the room. It keeps the mind clear of pesky admin and enables the pilemaker to feel that there is a certain order within his or her universe. This is the path which i have chosen for this afternoon.

I'd better get a move on, though, as the children will need picking up in about 20 minutes, and once they are home there isn't much chance of getting much done - and then i have to go out for a meeting early this evening which will go on until quite late.

I don't really want to go out at all, because some form of winter seems to have finally arrived in East Anglia and though it's not really much of a winter - chilly rather than cold - i am feeling quite comfortable at the moment and will reluctantly have to leave here. 17 minutes to go now before the 'operation child retrieval' kicks into action.

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Dr.John said...

Just remember the basic rule. All elevated flat surfaces attract stuff like piles of paper.