Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Things I do because of my parents

OK, have no idea where this came from, but thought i would share a few things about things that, on reflection, i can pinpoint in my life which are due to the influence of my parents...

Accept people as they are - have an only slightly cynical approach to life, but will try never to jump to conclusions about people
Not bitch and moan about life in general - stuff happens
Put on weight - damn genetics and calories in beer!
Love my kids completely and utterly - which also means, i now know, not letting them act like little so and so's
Not plan things - as I grew up in a house with 9 kids and mum and dad (8 of the kids had moved out) there was no real hope of having anything sewn up, but life was taken as it comes (see stuff happens above)
Think seriously about life, whilst enjoying every minute wherever possible - 'nuff said
Want to celebrate Christmas in a certain way - not going into detail about this, but it has taken me 14 years to convince my wife that stockings are for grown ups (I mean Christmas Stockings) and selection boxes are an appropriate part of Christmas giving, this year was the first year it worked.... All the other stuff would take a lot of postings to get through.
Laugh, a lot - you've got to laugh, really
Love honestly - no pretence
Be willing to deal with the unconventional, especially in human relationships - a selection of relationships, marriages, children etc in my family life growing up means that the whole nuclear family thing isn't the norm in my experience, and it means that i have no problem accepting whatever works for folk. It makes me somewhat non-judgemental (and in the eyes of some 'moral Christian folk' completely unsaved) in many respects.
Drink alcohol - the irish side coming out
watch TV too much - well, too much is a relative term
Cut up the plastic things that hold beer cans together - this was, i remember, what set me off thinking about all this to start with, my mother has always cut up the plastic that holds together cans (not just beer, soft drinks and, um, other stuff too) because birds that forage at landfill sites can get their beaks stuck, or something like that, anyway, i now do it as a habit

So that's a little bit more about me, makes a change from theology at least, now, tell me a bit more about yourself...

PS this list could be much longer, but i need to go to bed

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Anonymous said...

Not subscribing to any form of organised religion myself (which nonetheless does not make me an unspiritual person I believe), I find your blog very refreshing. I am sure the more traditional elements of the church may have difficulties with your acceptance of different types of human relationships, but I think that the only way to make God relevant to people who live now, is to make people realise that (if he really exists that is) he loves them warts and all, so in my book you score very high, for what its worth. Please keep your posts coming, I always look forward to them. Louise UK