Tuesday, January 30, 2007

This is my history

Found this picture on the BBC Devon Website and it had a profound effect on me.

It will mean nothing to anyone else but the white building on the right of the Church tower is where i spent much of my youth and childhood. The top window is, or was, the living room of my grandparents - who for much of my young life were dominant, inspiring, loving features and died when i was still in my early teens. (Dominant in a good way, meaning influential! With a bit more thought i may well do a 'things i do because of my granparents' post to follow up on the earlier 'things i do' posts here, here and here)

I've never seen a picture of this before, and it's quite striking - for me anyway!

Incidentally, the building on the left of the church is the Angel Hotel where my mother worked when i was a baby, and the low grey building behind the cross is the chapel of the old All Hallow's school which is now the Honiton Museum, which i used to help my mother clean when i was in my teens (I was a good lad). As for the Church, I never went to it until after I left home - I was never a member of the Church of England, so I used to attend the Congregational Church and then the Baptist Church...

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Dr.John said...

Its strange I was a Methodist as a youth and became A Lutheran pastor. You had an interesting journey as well.