Tuesday, January 09, 2007

My brain hurts again

Not through reading incredibly dense theology, just trying to keep up with all that needs doing at the moment. I have a visit to do this afternoon, to the family who lost their son, but i also need to prepare the materials for our youth group meeting this evening, and get to the supermarket to get refreshments for that group, I've spent the morning doing publicity for our continuing series of talks on Jesus as well as publicity for the youth group and for the family service and baptism which takes place this Sunday.

Alongside this my study really needs a good tidy up, and i need to get some filing done, and i need to do my expenses for december before i really annoy the treasurer (again). I should note that we have an incredibly helpful and patient treasurer!

All in all this is just an explanation as to why i am not posting anything of depth and significance today. Its not a complainy type post, just an informy type one.

Hope you are all having a good day...

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