Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Interesting reflection?

When I mentioned recovering lutheran's comment in my last post i realise that i responded only to the negative implications - what was actually said was 'In my opinion, the best and worst adverts for Christianity are frequently pastors.' and i responded perhaps in a slightly defensive way to the idea that pastors are a bad example of christian living, wheras the comment implied we can be good examples too!

Perhaps this says something of my perception of other people's perception of ministry...

Thanks again for the comments! By the way, I do like comments! Dr John has a 'leave a comment Monday' - and is honest about his desire to have people comment even if it is inane or odd, I would echo that and say, please comment - I will try to respond, you might even get a post of your own in response! Perhaps I should start a leave a comment day? Or just beg every day?!


Girl In Her Underwear said...

I'll return the favor and leave a comment! :D Thanks for dropping by my blog today! I left a comment for you there thinking I had seen you around the blogs for children with congenital heart defects, but now I remember I saw you over at Tom's.

Anyway, your profile sounds so interesting! Village! Different part of the world! Wow! I'll have to come back when the children are sleeping and check out your writings!


Dr.John said...

The problem with us pastors is that we are at the same time Saint and sinner and there are times when the sinner really shows.