Saturday, January 27, 2007

Stuff people do in blogs

having done my first meme (below) I have been thinking about all the stuff people do on their blogs as little rituals which come up again and again. Recently encountered 'wordless wednesdays', 'leave a comment Monday', and 'weekend winks' - I know there are more, but I can't remember them offhand. I wondered if I should start anything like this. I have already mentioned copying Dr John's 'leave a comment Monday' - mainly because all though lots of people visit this blog and quite a few stay some time - comments seem to be few and far between. Other ones I thought of copying were 'wordless wednesday' - but that might involve finding some interesting pictures and might be far more effort than me and my stream-of-consciousness typing. How about 'Theology Thursday' or 'Freaky Friday' - though I tend not to write on Friday's as I am off with the family that day (so 'family Friday' it is!). Ummmm - trivial Tuesdays (some completely random fact)? Saucy Saturdays (a picture of a different condiment posted regularly)? Sabbath thought Sundays (something extremely holy each week)? Manic Mondays (my diary list)? Wobbly Wednesdays (a different picture of me at the gym weekly - yeuchhhh!)?

Maybe I will just stick with my general randomness

But every day can be 'leave a comment day'!


Alastair said...

Alastair said...

Found a complete list of things to do on skittle's blog (

* Daily - Just A Quickie
* Monday - Shout Outs
* Tuesday - Link It Up!
* Wednesday - Wordless Wednesday
* Thursday - Thursday Thirteen
* Friday - Friday's Feast, Odds 'N Ends
* Saturday - Photo Scavenger Hunt
* Sunday - Blogging Chicks Carnival

Not sure i will be adding any, but it gives some ideas...

quilldancer said...

I did Wordless Wednesday for awhile, but sometimes I would spend the whole week looking for my Wednesday post. It was just too labor intensive!

The best way to get comments is to leave them. It's a reciprocity thing (doesn't always work).

Tom said...

I've never been a fan of forcing a topic on a given day. Seems like you'd have to post on that day of the week every week. I'm really more of a free range poster.

Then again, my teachers kept telling me that sometimes working inside rules can help build creativity. So, I suppose there could be some benefit.