Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Things I do because of my wife

As part of what is now a mini-series...

I hope she realises it (I've probably said these things over the years, but one wonders how explicit one has been) but my wife has been a good influence on me. So here's some ways in which she has changed me in her own subtle way.

Respect for people - listening to what they say, and what they don't. Concern for how others feel, think and what their needs are.
Being prepared - knowing that things need doing and being ready to do them.
Lists - they are, despite my protestations, a good thing.
Laughter - there can never be too much.
A passion for justice - a love of the planet, for the disadvantaged and for fair trade
Hope - my wife is a person who continues to hope and inspires me to do the same
Honesty - always
Grappling with doubt - about faith, life, people. It's never something to ignore or pretend isn't happening.

Again, this is a list which could go on and on - but these are a few of the things which make me who I am, and perhaps you might be inspired to think about what makes you who you are too!

I should say that anything that seems to contradict my last post doesn't really (the being prepared my wife inspires me to and the not planning that comes from the chaos of a huge family sometimes conflict, but they are different sides of the same coin - I could go on about something Jungian like shadow-side inclinations etc but won't)

I should also mention as an (important) afterthought that I also now remember to put the toilet seat down when I've finished!


Anonymous said...

Looking forward to what you became because of your children.! Louise UK

Tom said...

Sounds like your wife has taught you a lot. It's always nice to look back and see how the people around you have made you a better person.