Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Didya miss me?

That's a rhetorical question, so don't bother answering. Actually, looking back over the comments for the past few weeks, there's little danger of anyone saying anything anyway! Have I offended someone?

So, Happy New Year and all that. Having had a few days off I am raring to go, but not for another day or two... Tomorrow is sorting out day, when i put all of the Christmas services, sermons and 'stuff' either a) in files, b)in the recycling or c)in the bin. It takes a day to get things back together, as in the last week or two leading up to Christmas things just get dumped as i dash between services and events and I then have all the joy of working out what needs keeping or throwing before getting back to work after Christmas.

Over this past week or so i have made a real effort to read a book which threatens to melt my brain due to theological overload. The title 'Job and the distruption of identity: reading beyond Barth' doesn't seem like necessarily the most gripping, and i should have read this months ago as it is a review copy for Christian Marketplace magazine, but the book itself is fantastic. I've not done such sustained theological reading and thinking for some little while, not in this style anyway. Most of my theological reflection is practical and pastoral, with a fair amount of reading about the nature of 'church' and lots of consideration as to how we express being 'church' today. I don't often get back to barth, but have remembered how much I like and am stimulated by his theology - so am on the lookout for a set of the Church Dogmatics, just to keep the grey cells working.

You may hear more of this or it may, like so many other subjects i mention, vanish into obscurity over the coming days and weeks.

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