Monday, January 15, 2007

Siezing the moment

You have to grab the time you have, i think. Yesterday after a good early Communion service (very traditional, small but attentive congregation) we had a Baptism service for a child in a local village (anyone want to debate the merits of infant baptism?) It was sparsely attended by the regulars, most of whom were taking a post Christmas break or recovering from the enjoyable but exhausting 'praise party' led by Children's minister Doug Horley (aka duggie dug dug), but we had a friendly and slightly bemused but willing baptism party consisting of about forty folk. It all went well (though I think my sermon was a little on the incoherent side) and I then found, surprisingly, that I was free for the rest of the day - very unusual on a Sunday - so i spent the rest of the day with my family - hooray!

We went out for lunch, then we had a visit from family for a couple of hours, then we had some supper together, then I got to do the kids baths and stories/prayers with daughter (mum did stories with son!), then a some relaxing, a bit of telly, and generally a chill out.

For most people this may not seem a terribly interesting day, but for anyone in ministry to be able to go to church then relax is a treat. So much so that i thought it was worth posting about. Again, another reminder of how much the ordinary can be special. But that's a sermon in itself.

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