Saturday, November 10, 2007

A book a day for November 10

And we're still here, consistent and steady, rolling through November with a burgeoning library. The question is, of course, what do these books say about me? I leave that for you to decide...

Today's book of note is another from the sidebar

I warm to much of McLaren's content, though I find his style a bit grating sometimes. There are certain points in this book where you want to say 'stop telling us you don't have the answers and just keep telling us what you believe!' Having said that, the book genuinely feels like a humble attempt to get us to look again at believing and the church and the life of faith - asking questions 'why' with regards to what we do, how we do it, what we expect of church.

Its an honest book, and one which is very personal, whilst at the same time one that is obviously written by someone who is well read, thoughtful, committed to Christ and genuinely seeking to grapple with the complications of faith and the burdens often placed on us by different traditions of the church. McLaren isn't anti-Church, and certainly not the anti-Christ that some wings of the church make him out to be, but he actually says things which disturb a settled (sedentary?stagnant?) Church, and isn't afraid to ask the tough questions about what is genuinely Christian faith, what is genuinely biblical in origin, and what is claimed to be biblical yet is really a matter of (usually post-19th century) interpretation...

It's upset folks, so on that count its worth reading anyway - we all need a bit of challenge. It's also, compassionate, warm, and faith-filled.

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