Friday, November 23, 2007

A Book a day Nov 23

Another post for NaBloPoMo

A deeply passionate and sometimes disturbing book

De Berniers has a way of weaving the comic with the tragic which seems to hit the spot every time. Amidst the gentle life of a greek village he weaves stories of love, hate, pain, despair, joy, hope and some of the most stomach churning atrocities committed in war. This is a powerful novel, and not an easy read, I found some of the descriptions of tortures and mutilations committed in the Greek-Turkish war extremely disturbing, yet I am really pleased to have read this novel. It makes you think about what makes us human, and indeed what makes us inhuman. Read it, it is worth the effort.

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Dr.John said...

This book I'll skip. I have no desire to know what makes us inhuman.