Monday, November 26, 2007

A book a day Nov 26

I haven't had time to post today, so with about ten minutes to go to make the deadline here's a quick thought for a book which you might like...

Though best known for his Narnia Chronicles, C.S. Lewis was also concerned to try and explain something of what it means to be a Christian and of his own experience of faith. Into the midst of his writings on faith comes Mere Christianity which is a classic of modern apologetics. By which I mean that C.S. Lewis does a good job of explaining in a relatively straightforward way what Christian faith is about. The drawback is that it is dated and it is written in a particular style and reflects particular social norms of the time, ie the late 1950s and some of the timeless truths of Christian faith seem to be obscured, or at least not as clearly stated, because they become linked with a certain time and place.

Despite that, there is a certain longevity about this book, purely because Lewis writes so well!

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