Sunday, November 11, 2007

A book a day Nov 11

Today's book is a slight departure from previous days

Joanne Harris' masterful 'magical realism' is tied up with folklore, history and evocative descriptions of France, as most of her novels are set in different parts of la republique... This is a powerful description of an island divided against itself, with traditions and attitudes which bind and blind the people. On returning to the island the main character sets about disturbing the status quo, and the whole island finds itself changed, include the protagonist, by the events which occur through the story.

I can't put into words how descriptive Harris' prose is, and how it seems to get beyond the mind into the heart, filling the imagination, and creating a powerful sense of yearning to be a part of this world, whilst being grateful one is apart from it. All of her books are good, I've not read her last couple of novels, but everyone I have read I found to be rich, rewarding and most enjoyable. With some deeper truths lurking just below the surface.

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