Sunday, November 25, 2007

A book a day Nov 25

A good day today, a couple of services, one of which had four baptisms, and after a quick visit to both of the post baptism parties I then got to enjoy a small but perfectly formed Evening prayer from the 1662 book of Common Prayer. Nice.

So here I am getting ready to have some supper and thought that in order to keep up this post a day lark I would get back to basics today.

Lots of people ask me about prayer, and it seems to have been a theme at a lot of meetings and in a number of encounters I have had lately. So Christian Prayer for dummies seems a good book to recommend. Of course, as most people probably know, its not really for dummies, in the sense that much of the information in the series is well researched, well written and well presented - at least the ones I've read. This is no different, it actually gives a very good broad brush picture of the variety, nature and purpose of Christian Prayer. It is easy to read, with some good cartoons in! The content is very good and it gets you thinking about prayer in lots of different ways. Its also practical and offers suggestions to enhance your daily prayer life.


Sank said...

Nice post Alastair. Recently I've been thinking a great deal about prayer and it's role in my day to day... I'm finding that while making time for it is often difficult, I always enjoy the feeling after a service or private meditation. You do good work.

quilly said...

For the 4th Sunday in a row we had a big feed after church. Folks keep having milestone birthdays and bringing their party to the congregation -- 95, 75, 55, 21 -- I am way too full! One of the gentlemen stood today to give a thank you speech on behalf of all of us, then concluded with, "Now, whose having a birthday next week?"

Cindrarella said...

I have to really work to find time to meditate, but am realizing that the finding the time is much less difficult than the going without.

Marion said...

Good post, have been busy over the last month! This book will be interesting, I actually have it on my bedside table, but haven't even opened it yet.

Will let you know if it helped...scanning through gives me lots of inspiration!