Tuesday, November 20, 2007

A book a day November 20

Book club last night went well. We talked through and around John Ortberg's 'God is closer than you think' which is a great book. I have previously recommended this as part of my post a day for November, so I am going to move on and recommend a book i should be reading TODAY because I want to use it as a basis for some thoughts tonight....


Prayer is perhaps one of the most difficult things for many of us to get a handle on, particularly when we feel prayers aren't answered, or that we aren't quite sure what the purpose of prayer is. In fact, this is what I am meant to be talking about at Holy Joes this evening, so when I have some thoughts together perhaps I will get back to you on that. From what I have read of this book so far, it has some very good thoughts on the subject. Interestingly it relates to a lot of what Ortberg says in God Is Closer Than You Think, when he talks about when God feels absent and what our prayers do and don't or may or may not achieve.

It looks like being a goody, so I am looking forward to grappling with it on the train to London later today...

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