Thursday, November 29, 2007

A book a day November 29

Saving some of the best until last here is one of my favourite books of all time.. So good that even though it is out of print, as far as I can tell, I will still recommend it. Though i see Amazon have a variety of imprints available through their marketplace, and I am sure do as well as our branch!

The story of the quest for truth and meaning, as seen through the eyes of a supermarket trolley - Scepticism inc is a funny, thoughtful, satirical look at philosophy, institutional religion and ultimate truth. Bo Fowler takes us throught the development of 'metaphysical betting shops' with a funny and intelligent look at the nature of belief, of not believing, of wanting and not wanting to believe - most of the angles covered in the belief department there!

It's fun to read and contains lots of food for thought (a sort of metaphysical shopping trolley then) - it does make you ask lots of questions but at the same time you can just lose yourself in the surreality and enjoyability of it all. There is a profundity here that can only come from comedy!

With a satirical take on many of our cherished institutions - religion, shopping, technology and betting shops - this seemingly random yet uncannily well constructed book takes some thinking about. It's 'bitty' style won't appeal to everyone, but as far as I'm concerned that's all part of the fun of it all.

The key to it all is in the Author's Note that is the last thing in the book, in fact the very last sentence made, for me, the whole journey worthwhile and left me thinking about what Bo had written long after I'd put the book down. Scepticism Inc is probably one of the books that would make it in to my top five books I've enjoyed most in my life, but that doesn't tell you anything about the book, it just lets you know a bit about me, I suppose

Of course, i'm not going to tell you what the last sentence is, now see if you can resist it if you read the book!

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quilly said...

Comedy is an excellent tool for inducing thought -- it is fun and painless, yet can lead one to the profound.