Monday, November 19, 2007

A book a day for November 19

Today's post for NaBloPoMo - or GloBloPoMo as some are keen to call it, because it does seem pretty widespread...

I realise that my usual wit and wisdom, or rather the trivia interspersed with occasional deep thoughts, have been absent as I've focused on NaBloPoMo but I hope a few of these books may strike a chord with you, gentle readers. We have a book group tonight, so I'll tell you a bit about that tomorrow. I can't remember if I've already mentioned the book so before posting tomorrow I will check!

Anyway, today's book is funny, clever, and worth a look.

If you've ever felt that the world has gone even more crazy for strange ways of talking and thinking over the past few years, this one is for you. Taking to bits our strange western culture in a humourous and thought provoking way, Wheen's style is clever, but not too smug, and well informed without being intellectually snobby. It might be easy at first glance to dismiss the book as the grumblings of an old curmudgeon (I love that word) but it is not that at all. It offers an antidote to all of the euphemistic, annoying, and frankly untrue language and thinking employed to try and get us to avoid the realities of this world ('friendly fire', anyone?). A good book from a great thinker. Not just for grumpy old men like me!


Dr.John said...

And the list of unread but need to read =books keeps growing.

quilly said...

This one sounds fun. I am looking for fun to balance the "heavy."

You like the word curmudgeon, but how do you feel about curmudgeons themselves? My friend over at Waking Ambrose just might have bits of humor that appeal to you.