Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Still Reading! A book a day Nov 7

Still posting too, must be almost a record to keep going so long without a break

Had a long day today, so this is posted later than usual, perhaps more about that another time...

For now its

And the book for today is

I love Terry Pratchett, and you may well get a recommendation from his Discworld collection later on in the month, but for now this funny novel co-written by Neil Gaiman is a great one to read if you like stuff that has eternal battles between good and evil, the four other horsemen of the apocalypse and a race to the finish sports car chase along with your wit, wisdom and surreality.

Basically the story of an Angel and a Demon who are trying to avert the apocalypse because they are quite happy with things as they are, thank you very much. It has lots of improbable events, along with the real reason the M25 is the world's largest car park. Pratchett is his usual witty self, and Gaiman injects a bit (or a lot) of dark humour too! Not your standard fantasy fare, nor as obsessed with the occult (in a funny way, surprisingly) as Robert Rankin, but an easy to read, laugh out loud, kind of a novel.

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quilly said...

If I ever get the time to set down and read, I might give this one my attention.