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Well, I went on me holidays, and then came back... Been a bit busy since then, and haven't got around to blogging, as may have been noticed by anyone who might drop by here every now and then. I have noticed that most of those who were blogging like crazy at the end of August have slowed down somewhat, not that this is in any way trying to justify my own lack of effort on the 'shouting into the ether' front, just an observation. Can't quite put my finger on why I've not done this, but my general writing, my columns for echurch active and all of my efforts at being creative are going through something of a hiatus at the moment. In fact I feel a bit flat generally - tired, I think. It's amazing how creative I felt on holiday - was scrawling away in my notebook, and even got that idea for the novel I know is in there somewhere, have since had another idea but haven't done anything about it. There's just an undefined lack of impetus at the moment. Admit