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Tell Me

Referring back to my desire to foster a community where we tell stories, which was a blog post some while ago... here ... Here's some more thinking about how we can follow Jesus' example in inviting participation in the sharing of the stories of faith. This is a repost of a blog I posted in a previous incarnation at 'Grace Ground' - where I posted as a part of my last church group 'The Five Alive Mission Community' - I didn't manage to keep up that blogging regime (surprise!) but I do want to preserve this post.  I might not write in such a way now, this is two years old, but the heart is still what I would want to say.  I have recently rewritten this post for our local Paper too... I might post that here after publishing in order to compare and contrast! Tell Me I was on a ‘Life Coaching’ day yesterday provided by my Diocese to explore the possibility of either training some Clergy in Life Coaching or offering this facility with regards to worki

Wedding video and the joy of marriage.

I love weddings, it's part of the huge privilege of Pastoral Ministry to mark special events in people's lives and to share in both the bad and the good.  I also love a good video - and this video made of a wedding I did I find very moving, not just because they were gracious enough to include me in the video, and some of what I said in my sermon, but because the whole thing has a positive and thoughtful feel about it.  This video gives a pretty good vibe of how a wedding can feel.  Not that the wedding is the be all and end all, marriage is the real purpose of all of this and that takes work - but this video gives a glimpse of a couple who are deeply committed to one another, surrounded by friends and family, and who wanted to have their wedding affirmed and blessed - something the Church is very happy indeed to do.  I love the song too.  Enjoy! jonathan+melanie from Paper Heart Films on Vimeo .