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A bit of Poetry

I have been enjoying a Facebook game lately, where one is challenged to post a poem by a writer of someone else's choice - and whoever 'likes' that post is also challenged to provide a poem by an author of the poster's choice. Does that make sense? Probably not, anyway, the possibilities are endless and I have discovered some stuff by Mary Oliver and Brian Andreas (including a great Pinterest board )  that I might not have discovered otherwise.  Also on doing a search on Canadian Poets I found this below by Robert Priest - I publish with it's copyright attribution, but I don't have any ownership of it's copyright - I hope that in sharing I am not doing anything the poet would not want me to.  It's a challenging poem, and I found it here on the University of Toronto website along with lots of other great stuff. Christ Is the Kind of Guy Robert Priest From:   The Man Who Broke Out of the Letter X . Toronto: Coach House Press, 1984. C

As promised

Here's the player for today's sermon in case you prefer to listen rather than read!

Today's sermon

Today I preached a sermon that I found moving both to prepare and to share.  I am struck at this point in my journey of faith by the great privilege of the ministry to which I am called, but the graciousness of my Christian community and by the sense of moving together in our sharing of story.  We are growing as a Christian fellowship. So this sermon is very personal, and relatively dense - I will post it as a podcast but for now here is the text version. This follows on directly from last week's sermon and a few people wanted the text, probably to dissect! As always, taster on this page, link takes you to New Kid Deep Stuff blog (much underused these days)... Epiphany 2 (20 14 ) Year A RCL Principal Isaiah 49:1–7 Psalm 40:1–12  1 Corinthians 1:1–9 John 1:29–42 Come and See First up, a little thought which I did say to the sermon Circle I wasn’t going to share, but it leads me into what I want to say this Morning too well to keep to myself.   It’s not the pig w

Step into the river....

St John's Church is in the process of considering the story of faith, how we engage with a faith that is historic and moving forward.  Our last Iona service was a powerful celebration of our part in the story and our moving together in the flow of faith - like Jesus and John the Baptist who we remembered today we are invited to 'step into the river'

So much happening

I feel the need to write, but can honestly say I don't quite know what to say.  This last six months has been a whirl of activity and colour, life, questions, worship, prayer, discover, reinforcement and faith, hope and love.  I feel very warmly welcomed and quickly at home here as part of the congregation of St John the Divine , as part of this Diocese of British Columbia and in this city of Victoria . Sketch by Martin Machacek. The Church is active, vibrant, welcoming and alive.  The people who I am fortunate enough to count as colleagues are dedicated and fun to work with, those who give so much time in voluntary service to the Church are committed and faithful.  There are many activities which take place in the course of each week and the church offers a variety of worship, groups, events, ministries and social action.  Of course it's not perfect, nor is the Rector who serves it.  But we, together, are seeking to celebrate those aspects of the life of the Church wh

A Sermon

Just to prove I haven't disappeared altogether.  Here's last week's thought...