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Whilst I was away

One thing I really like about going away is that I get time, or make time, for some reading. I got through a load of novels on this trip, and though I took a load of theology, it somehow never really made it out of my bag! So here's some of them... I couldn't believe that this was a first novel, it is so well written and evocative - a murder mystery set in the freezing wastes of Canada in the 1800s. Its mixture of three dimensional characters and powerful language made is a compelling read, it is insightful, sometimes challenging and a very good read. As always, a fun read from Dan Brown, the man always delivers the goods - its about spying, politics, geology, extraterrestial life and extreme cold. All the old cliches fit - ripping yarn, page turner, racy, exciting etc etc etc... Having been nice about Brown above, this one outshines the DaVinci code and out-Browns Brown..., whilst taking a similar 'religious mystery' approach. It's a compelling, well resear

Return of the wanderer (wonderer?)

Yes, we are back from our holidays, three whole weeks in gorgeous Dordogne, South West France. My Franglais just about managed to get the message across when it came to such essentials as 'where is the toilet?', 'a large black coffee please', 'may i have the menu?' and 'a beer, please'. I also learned that a mispronunciation of 'merci beaucoup' (thank you very much) can be easily mistaken for 'thanks, nice ass' (merci, beau cul) - though fortunately that was from a rather amusing book I read called 'Talk to the Snail' which gave the lowdown on French life in a witty and amusing and sometimes rude manner - rather than through personal experience. I have decided that i want to live in France, but my limited French and the lack of Anglican positions makes this a complete fantasy! Unless I get that blockbuster novel written or make a living through writing and do the Vicar bit on the side (yes, I would do this job unpaid if I cou