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Sorry for the delay

Apologies that neither my notes on 'the Spirituality of Social Media' nor my 'thoughts on prayer and silence' haven't made there way here yet due to the busyness of ministry here in the Five Alive Mission Community and because both sets of notes need to be transferred from being handwritten to being on screen... It's unusual for me not to have notes prepared on netbook or PC but it just happened to be that on those two occasions I didn't have access to either.  In fact I quite enjoyed the "Fountain Pen on Moleskine" vibe and felt like a proper writer for a bit, maybe worth musing on that for a bit another time?   Will be back soon!  I hope!

An Audiobook Review

I have signed up for the Reviewers Program on - quite enjoying the books I've downloaded for review, so here is my first review.... Dallas Willard - Hearing God Five Stars (out of Five) Encouraging, Clear, Thoughtful and Helpful From the opening challenge to the end summary Willard's words draw the listener in and seek to cause us to respond. Willard has a way of putting his finger on the kind of questions many 'normal Christians' ask - highlighting our own sense of inadequacy and need for guidance and discernment. 'Hearing God' encourages us to have a Biblical, intelligent approach to our relationship with God and to learning to have a more relaxed and open attitude to our conversations with him. It inspires us to think in terms of 'walking with God' and listening as well as talking - of being Christian rather than just 'doing Christian things'. It's a view of transformation, of exciting possibilities, but offers

Thought for the Week AudioBoo

Last one for today! listen to ‘Silence - Thought For The Week’ on Audioboo

Yes it's me again

I seem to be going through a little excitable flurry of activity with this blog rediscovery business... Anyway via the rather excellent Bored Again Christian podcast website I found little gem of a Derek Webb Video, the visuals may be pretty basic, but the lyric is excellent and it's a pretty cracking song too.... And just to prepare you, sometime soon I will try and Audioboo my Thought for the Week.  Is there no end to today's blogfest????

Had to share this one


Learning to Pray

Actually, this post could also be called 'Falling in love again' (sung in a sultry Marlene Dietrich voice, preferably) because my last week of retreat has been the cause of some enlightenment, some struggle and some joy as I have learnt to stop and pray in a way that I haven't addressed before - or at least not in the way I did last week! My immediate thought was that I must put a gratuitous picture of Marlene Dietricht here, just to add to the visual impact of the post.... even though The Blue Angel from which the song was originally taken is the story of a less then salubrious woman who specialises in seduction.... more details on  Lady Garfunkel's Song of The Day: Falling In Love Again .. Actually prayer being seductive isn't such a bad analogy - really entering into prayer is something that can consume and inspire, it enchants and it can become almost obsessive.  But this is part of a journey I have been on and I am getting ahead of myself.  So let's rew

Bang or whimper

Feeling drawn to blogging again - my time has been so full that the process which pulled me here in the first place had little time to function... crumbs, being away has certainly not made me clearer. Let's try again - I've been so busy I've not had time to think, let alone write... That's better. So having managed to lose most of my regulars, if not all, what do I do now?  A BIG relaunch - get the word out that New Kid (well it was a relatively clever name when I started) is back?  Or do I just gently slide back into blogging and hope things pick back up.  That's certainly more my style Since I last wrote things have certain moved on for me personally and with regards to the communites I am still trying to serve as best I can!   There's some folk I have lost touch with and need to rekindle those relationships; I've been incredibly busy, too busy, and need to get some space and order back into my life; I've spent a fair amount of time findin