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Church Governance and other exciting and fascinating matters.

A few weeks ago I asked the congregation if they would like me to spend some of the sermon time this week on talking about 'Church governance'.  This is because this Sunday was 'Vestry Sunday' - our annual meeting for receiving reports of all that has happened in the previous year, saying thank you to the Wardens and Parish Council who work so hard for the benefit of the church community, and considering the financial situation of the Parish.  There was an overwhelming 'yes' to that offer. Each Church has it's own form of Governance, there is a need for some kind of order and accountability in any group.  I think in the Anglican tradition we often make assumptions that people know what is going on without ever explaining these things - as if our structures and regulations might be passed on by some form of osmosis.  This Sermon is a very broad attempt to give a picture of how we run our Churches and why we have the structures we do. Epiphany 7 (2

Struggles with Suffering

Now I am not saying anything I have not said before, in fact I have even used some of the illustrations before - eg the Ray Harryhausen reference - but why this sermon for The Presentation of Christ has felt so difficult to write is a surprise to me.  Perhaps it is the way I've felt the need to put lots of things I have discussed over years into one place.  Also, I seem to be 'outing' myself as an uber liberal - but I am not too concerned about that... The Presentation of Christ Presentation (20 14 ) Year A RCL Principal Malachi 3.1-5 Hebrews 2.14-18 Luke 2.22-40 A Sword Will Pierce your Own Heart also God is here! You’ve already heard that phrase a few times this morning.   That bold proclamation which is the foundation of today’s Gospel reading – when Anna and Simeon encounter the baby Jesus and proclaim ‘God is here’ – both in word and in action.   Simeon through the words we have come to know as the Nunc Dimitus, Anna with words of praise a