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As if by magic

Here's Sunday's sermon It kind of links with last week's on grace, plus my post on 'sin', plus my last post on suffering, plus pretty much everything going on in my head at present... Blurb from website: The parable commonly known as the 'unjust steward' is one of the more tricky and difficult of Jesus' stories. Or is it? We wonder what it says about God, but perhaps it isn't trying to say anything. Perhaps it is just an interesting story to ponder. An exploration of the power, purpose and point of parables.

On Suffering

There are some days I really wish I had all the answers. Or just a few more. There have been a number of people who have responded to my blog post last week on Sin, and to my sermon on lost and found on Sunday a week back, and just in general discussions, and a few conversations people have requested.  Most get stuck at the question - how does God allow suffering?  If God is as gracious as I would (boldly and wholeheartedly) proclaim then how can God allow people to suffer? It's not a new question. It's something Theologians and Philosophers have been struggling with for centuries.  Our Hebrew/Christian Scriptures also wrestle with it - as is entirely appropriate for books which contain God's revelation of Godself to humanity.  But there are no easy answers, no pat response.  At least not from where I am sitting. Some traditions will say 'It's all God's will, so it's a mystery'.  I get the second part of that, but I (like so many) don't get t

Back into the old routine (with some help from the Holy Sky Cactus)

This was yesterday's sermon - returning to the Audio Digital age thanks to Chuck! Some background might help with one mention.... We've brought back an 'introduction' to the theme for the day which the young people stay in for (rather than leaving for their own activities/learning/worship during the processional hymn). Yesterday Craig, our Families Minister, carried on the lego theme from last week by updating the 'parables of the lost' to include the lost lego piece - where the nave was searched diligently until the holy sky cactus was found... (see picture of last week's creation below to view the holy sky cactus in place - rh side, in the gap, just below the chap dressed in white, though it has ascended since that picture was taken). So I mention lego in the sermon, at some point, if I remember correctly....

Kickin' It Old Skool

Ok, a made up title to get some attention :-) But there is a reason - since moving to St John The Divine I have had my sermons podcasted, which has meant even less attention has been paid to New Kid Deep Stuff than usual, and attention was, admittedly, pretty minimal anyway. This last week our Sermon poster was beset by tech difficulties and then was away for a few days (well deserved, the guy does TONS of stuff around St John's) so it is time for me to revert to posting my sermon online in the tried and true method. Some background - we handed everyone who came to church a block of lego, and then by the time we started the sermon I asked what they had built... With one block Then our young people gathered the lego together and made this by working together. That might help.   Proper 18 (2013) Year C RCL Principal Jeremiah 18.1-11 Psalm 139.1-5 & 12-18 Philemon  verses  1-21 Luke 14.25-33 Count the cost.  Or not. OK, how’s the lego – have

Whatever happened to sin?

Well, my first post for the Times Colonist went live on the website yesterday .  Those of you who have looked back through these hallowed pages will have read a version of it before a few posts ago, I thought it a relatively good introduction to myself with some reflection on who we think we are and who we project ourselves to be.  But you know what it's about if you either followed the link above or read ' Who Am I? ' below. There was at the time of writing this only one comment, and it is one that has caused me much thought in the past few hours.  It was a response that said 'I see no one who needs fixing or forgiving in any way' and made a case that grace is such that we are who we are and who we are meant to be - at least that is how I read it.  Go look, see what you think and let me know. Whilst I would identify quite strongly with a more liberal understanding of Christian faith, and would consider us to be graced rather than cursed, blessed rather than

Christian Education Canada

A local parish, St Peter & St Paul, Esquimalt, has undertaken to provide, from a number of sources, an online resource of Education for the Anglican Church called Christian Education Canada.  It's a big name, with a big aim, and is just taking shape around online discussions and a Google+ page they are constructing. At the moment videos and records of G+ hangouts are being hosted by the Parish page on Google  - though I think there will be a G+ page for CEC. Well, I have put my two cents worth in and made a pilot video which I hope to expand into some talks on the Creeds.... Actually my gifted and energetic colleague and friend, Craig Heibert , St John's Family Ministry Co-ordinator has.  This has been accepted by CEC and I am just planning to get my head around the idea of how to address the Creed, or indeed which Creed ... I suspect my thoughts will be based on work previously done with colleagues from the Papworth Team Ministry on the Apostle's Creed. Anyway, v