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New Year, no resolve...

Well, here we are two weeks into the New Year and all I have managed to post is a YouTube vid with a whisky drinking Minister!  I'm glad I didn't make blogging a New Year's Resolution or I would have failed miserably already.  In fact I made no New Year's Resolutions, the reasons for which can be heard here - I would hope that sense of new life, of change would be a part of the daily walk of every Christ-follower. But I've already said that, so I don't need to repeat myself, not that this normally stops me... So here we are two weeks of 2011 gone and I wonder how the promise and hope for the New Year is doing!  I find myself in a strange position - both excited and anxious about the coming year.  Excited because I have a sense of anticipation for the coming months, not one I can explain but a sense that something is happening and that it might even be good!  Anxious because these kind of things need vision and hard work, which means some letting go and some se

I like this!

H/T Gurdur for the link :-)